Wisconsin Childhood Lead Poisoning Data Explorer

This application is presented to you by Lead-Safe Wisconsin.

The maps in this application show the number of Wisconsin children under age 6 who were identified as lead poisoned and the number of Wisconsin children under age 6 who received a blood lead test. The application also contains interactive maps of environmental and social characteristics that may be associated with an increased risk of lead exposure and lower blood lead testing rates among children. Click the legend on the map to learn more about a specific dataset.

Comprehensive childhood lead data, by year, age, race, and other geographies, is available on the Wisconsin DHS GIS Open Data site.

If you have questions about the data or feedback about the application, email the Wisconsin Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at DHSLeadPoisoningPrevention@dhs.wisconsin.gov

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About - Click to view information about the Childhood Lead Poisoning Data Explorer. This section has a link to the Lead-Safe Wisconsin website and information about the data

Select a map - Click the drop-down menu to view and switch between the map options.

Compare map - Click the on-off button to turn it to the On position. When the button is in the On position a second map will appear. Use this to compare two datasets, like the childhood lead poisoning data with the age of housing data.

Sync map - Click the on-off button turn this feature off. When the button is in the On position both maps will respond to the map navigation functions carried out in one map, (ex: Zoom in/out). When the button is in the Off position the maps can be navigated independently of each other.

Search - Search an address, city, ZIP or place and the map will zoom to that location.

Legend - Click to view the color-coded data categories used for each map. Other data layers selected will appear as well. Below the legend there will also be a definition of the data.

Layers - Click to view available layers. Selected layers will appear on the map. There are geographic boundary layers like county boundaries and Senate districts. Also available are lead contractors certified by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Default map view - Click to have the map return to the default view of Wisconsin.

Zoom in/out - Click the plus or minus sign to alter the view of the map.

Select a Map Percent Poisoned Children Poisoned Children Tested Age of Housing pre-1950 Age of Housing pre-1980 Child Poverty Uninsured Population Housing Insecurity Renter Households
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